Mamdouh Tawadros

Founder and Managing Director

Suzanne Tawadros

Office Manager - Accounting

Michael Smith

Diverger Practice Relationship Manager (PRM)

Barbra Perera

Finance support executive

Shafran Ameen


Teena Phigera

Adviser Support (CSO)

Emmanuel Calligeris

Dr Mark Brimble

Grahame Evans

Rob McGregor

Please see our Financial Services and Credit Guide/Financial Services Guide for more information on the services we provide.

So, whether you are approaching retirement, starting a business, changing careers or moving from two incomes to one, we can help you:

  • choose the right investment strategy
  • plan your superanuuation
  • choose effective risk insurance
  • manage your debt
  • organise your estate planning
  • invest in property
  • manage your SMSF
  • plan for your retirement
  • understand your Centrelink benefits

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