Mortgage Strategies | Mortgage Reduction

The average mortgage lasts for 30 years and can even cost more in interest than the purchase price of the house. If you had a $250,000 mortgage and interest rates averaged 6%, over this time the total interest you would pay would be an astonishing $289,587. This is money that you could have better used to create wealth if you were able to repay your home loan sooner. If you had capacity and embraced a disciplined strategy to repay this amount in say five and a half years. The total interest would only be $43,627. That is a saving of $245,960.

The benefits of being able to save such a large amount of interest & the time saved will have a large impact on your ability to create wealth for the future. Some people ask do we like shares or property. Our answer is both. It can all be incorporated as part of the plan.

Make wealth for yourself and not the Banks!