Short Term Finance

You may need short term financing such as a bank overdraft or longer term financing to help you expand your business, whatever your requirements are, we can help you.

Our business loans offer you the flexibility of variable or fixed interest rates with structured repayments that feature either interest only or principal plus interest.

Bank Overdraft

Being in business, particularly small business can be a regular challenge in terms of managing your day to day cash flow.  We can arrange for an overdraft account that allows you to have access to a pre-determined limit and you only have to pay interest on the amount that you have used.

Business Line of Credit

The Business Line of Credit can be a vital tool for many businesses. It is a revolving credit facility commonly used for short-term working capital and seasonal business requirements. It functions in much the same way as a residential line of credit does, allowing the principal to be repaid and redrawn at any time up to your approved credit limit. Many forms of security may be accepted including residential, commercial or rural property, business assets or a combination of these.