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If someone depends on you financially, chances are you need insurance.  It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones from finanical stress if something happens to you.  Life insurance results in a lump sum payment upon the death of the person insured.  If a family were to lose the major income earner, it’s critical that the remaining family members are able to financially survive without having to sell assets, rely on others or rely on welfare. 

Life Insurance is not just for the main income earner, if your partner takes care of the children and your home and your partner were to pass away, you may require substantial funds to cover expenses to keep the household going.  Expenses like child care and housekeeping etc.


Daniel's Story

Daniel (27) recently took out a Life Insurance policy.  His father had died suddenly at age 47 from a heart attack when Daniel was just 15, leaving his mother to support him and his younger siblings.  It was their father's foresight to take out life insurance that helped the family survive this tragic event.  The lump sum payment ensured that money was the least of their worries.

The day after Daniel's wife, Caroline, announced she was pregnant with their first child, Daniel spoke with his financial adviser about choosing the right kind of insurance.  The life cover he took out means that if the worst does happen, Caroline and his future children will have the same financial security that Daniel experienced after the loss of his father.

His adviser also mentioned the option that they consider Child Cover when their child turns two years old.  This would mean that if their toddler became ill in the future, they would be able to focus their energies where they were needed - on their child not the finances.  Source - CommInsure Claims.

Would you gamble on your Family’s Lifestyle?

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