Business Expenses

Business expense cover provides for 100% of fixed business expenses, if the busines owner becomes totally disabled due to sickness or injury.

Business expense cover is specially designed for the self-employed individuals or members of a small business who need to cover their fixed business expenses if they cannot work due to sickenss or injury.  It is vital for sole proprietors, who are generally responsible for the 100% of the fixed expenses of the business.   It is equally important for small partnerships to ensure that each partner is covered for his or her share of business expensesPremiums are generally tax deductible.

Fixed operating expenses of running a business include:

  • Accounting & audit fees
  • Bank fees & charges
  • Business Insurance premiums
  • Business loan repayments
  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Computer servicing expenses
  • Contracted advertising
  • Contracted repairs & maintenance
  • Courier Costs
  • Equipment & vehicle leaving
  • Land tax
  • Postage Printing & Stationery
  • Professional fees & subscriptions
  • Property rates
  • Rent
  • Salaries & Superannuation
  • Utilities
  • Workers Compensation

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